School excursion

School excursion

scool-thumbKtima Georgiadi, recommends a wonderful interactive a school excursion. Aims to the direct contact of the children with the culture and tradition of Cyprus. They participate actively, thus improving the understanding of the value and importance of our contact with the past, which becomes a bridge for today and tomorrow.

For the 5th year


In this excursion, the students have the opportunity to participate in the kneading and baking of bread and buns. It is an experience which nowadays is declining and certainly they will never forget.

We begin the process of kneading the bread and then the buns. After finishing the program, we bake them in the traditional oven and children, can take with them the bun they made.

Our place is ideal for parties. With a professional sound system and internet, students can have their own party, with music and programs selected from them. Greek and foreign songs, dancing, games, food and recreation, compose a memorable trip that brings classmates closer.

An excellent choice for Lower and Upper Secondary Schools…

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