Cleopatra’s Night


Cleopatra’s Night

Anti aging natural night cream with donkey milk

Nowadays it is scientifically proven that the asinine milk has anti-aging qualities on the human skin. Its composition in Ω-3 and Ω-6 antioxidant fatty acids, increase the elasticity of the skin. It contains also ideal quantity’s of of vitamin A, B2, C and E that offer the skin anti-aging and refreshing ability’s. In  ancient times that was a secret kept well by Cleopatra, giving her well  known majestic  beauty.

Cleopatra’s Night cream has a special concentrated formula to promote the asinine milk anti-aging elements and the unsaturated anti-oxidant ω3 ω6 fatty acids and vitamins in the skin during the period of the night. Night time is ideal for deeper action and a good opportunity for stimulating cell regeneration.

Cleopatra cosmetic series offers authentic concentrated asinine milk with formulas that ensure its deep absorption.

Quantity: 30ml

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