The Chef cooking class

scool-thumbThe Chef cooking class

Our Gourmet Master Chef, starts at 10 am and lasts approximately 5-6 hours.

This exclusive gastronomic tour, gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of the Cypriot cuisine, take part in the preparation of national dishes and, of course, to enjoy their flavors.

Our tasty tour will begin with a cup of coffee, which you can prepare  for yourself immediately upon arrival to our estate. Then, we will see the production of olive oil – the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine that holds the secret of longevity, and the carob syrup.

Then we will see how halloumi cheese and olive bread is made.  We will learn how to make a real Greek salad, sheftalies, moussaka, keftedes, Cyprus pies and, of course kleftiko, which means ‘thieves meat’. Last but not least, we will learn how to prepare some indispensable companions of a Cypriot feast – tzatziki, olive paste and hummus.

And of course at the end, we will have the a chance to eat all these, along with some local wine!

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